2019 Fall Dyslexia Summit

Amazing Millennials


Forgotten Child


Jake is a mission-driven advocate. Having overcome early childhood isolation and abandonment from the failed school system, he now facilitates conversations across the U.S., from large gatherings to 1-on-1 mentorship to support the LD community.

We discuss behavioral issues, anxiety & stress dueto dyslexia, hidden signs of dyslexia, golden ticket to success: findingstrengths, empowering children, message of the forgotten child.

Achieving Your Aspirations


Izer is a dyslexic entrepreneur. He is a gates millennium scholarship recipient & was selected as a top 25 most impressive high school graduates in 2013 by Business Insider. His passion is to help other dyslexic students succeed in education by using techniques and skills he developed that incorporate the dyslexic strengths.

We discuss failure to Ivy League, entrepreneurship strengths, being a dyslexic teenager, adjusting to college, passionate advocate, proud and confident dyslexic.

'Learn To Read' In College


Patrick always struggled at school because of his dyslexia. He had a tough time reading, writing and spelling. His biggest outlet was sports. He went to Landmark College (Associates) & Notre Dame College (Bachelor’s in SPED). After college, he played two years of professional baseball. Now he is an Admissions Counselor & also Asst. Coach for Landmark College while earning his masters in Sports Management.

We discuss struggling in the classroom, finding an outlet, social challenges, finding the right match for college, Magic 7: what to look for in a college, ‘Learning to Read’ in college.



Megan and Matthew are siblings & passionate dyslexia advocates.  In an effort to help others, they speak to educators, parents & students about LD, self-advocacy and assistive technologies.  They have presented at national &regional conferences, colleges & universities, as well as to many school districts.  

We discuss their dyslexia story, importance of empowerment & advocacy, how they self-advocate, they are not just another IEP, their Yes Ambassadors & mentorship.

Just Be You


Paris struggled with anxiety and depression as a teenager. As she learned more about mental health, she was not only able to go through her day-to-day activities but also truly pursue all of her big ideas and dreams. Building upon her experiences, she created a children’s book that is a platform for mental health and empowerment conversation.

We discuss struggling with anxiety & depression, understanding & owning mental health difficulties, signs of panic attacks ,Just Be Books: importance of teaching kids coping skills and strategies.

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