Decodable Readers Paperback Bundle by Jodi Reiner

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Decodable Readers Paperback Bundle by Jodi Reiner

This book set comes with a free downloadable pdf: Extension Activity Workbook. 

  • Interest level: Elementary School
  • Format: Paperback 5″ x 8″
  • Pages: 24 pages in each book
  • Word Count: 200-800+ words
  • Illustrations: Each book has 8 pages of illustrations
  • Font: Century Schoolbook

20 Book Series include:

-Book 1- s blends: Spot The Pup, 235 words

-Book 2- r blends: Crab Grab, 282 words

-Book 3- initial blends: Glen Flips, 327 words

-Book 4- all: Wall Ball. 252 words

-Book 5- digraphs: sh, ch, th, Posh Conch, 253 words

-Book 6- final blends: Grand Slam, 404 words

-Book 7- FSZL Rule: Bad Smell, 264 words

-Book 8- digraph: -ck: Track Win, 276 words

-Book 9- vowel team: ay: Class Play, 348 words

-Book 10- vowel team: ow: Snow Day, 373 words

-Book 11- vowel team: oy: Toy Pig, 555 words

-Book 12- vowel team: ee: Reed the Bee 276 words

-Book 13- vowel protector: -tch: Hatch Match, 751 words

-Book 14- welded sounds: -ng, -nk: Spring Fling, 527 words

-Book 15- vowel protector: -dge, Lost Fudge, 707 words

-Book 16- vowel team: ea: Trick or Treat, 499 words

-Book 17- vowel team: oa: Big Goal, 813 words

-Book 18- vowel team: ai: Snail Trail, 653 words

-Book 19- vCe: Hike At The Lake, 566 words

-Book 20- compound words: Baseball Game, 537 words

About the Author:

Jodi Reiner is a certified Orton Gillingham reading and elementary education teacher with 15 years of experience in public school settings and private tutoring.  Working with struggling readers and children with dyslexia has inspired her to create these books.  She hopes to help as many children as possible by building confidence and instilling a love of reading.

Decodable Readers Paperback Bundle by Jodi Reiner




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