Sprouting Seeds: Decodable Poems for Growing Readers in Paperback Format

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Sprouting Seeds: Decodable Poems for Growing Readers in Paperback Format

Sprouting Seeds, an 8.5″ x 11″ 112-page paperback book, is a collection of phonics poems by EMILY GIBBONS to support children as they strengthen their decoding skills. The poems support a systematic and structured approach to teaching reading. They may be used to supplement structured literacy lessons and reading intervention programs.

All five levels are included in this paperback book.

Below is the OG based scope and sequence for the poems included in the book.

Level One
Cat And A Rat short a
Big Dig short i
Pop The Top short o
Gum Fun short u
Get The Pet short e
Meg And Cub short vowels
A Thin Path th digraph (voiced and invoiced)
Chop And Chat ch digraph
Shag, The Big Pup sh digraph
Which And When wh digraph
Hush, Cat digraphs
Snip, Snap initial s blends
The Class Pet initial l blends
The Frog initial r blends
Prim And Stan initial blends
Band Champ final m and n blends
A Craft final t blends
A Ship At Dusk final s blends
The Elf Craft final l blends
At The Pond final blends
Black Bag ck digraph
In The Grass FSZL rule
Scruff 3-letter initial blends
Cake Shape VCe-a
Is It Time Yet VCe-i
Drone Trip VCe-o
Game Cube VCe-u
Pen Pals VCe-e
Abe Is Mine VCe
Goblin Contest VC/CV
It Is Bedtime VC/C VCe
Level Two
Stop And Go monosyllable
A Fly On My Cake y as long i
Candy Bag y as long e
Mick’s Black Desk k/ck
A Sad Witch ch/tch
I Will Not Mind closed syllable exceptions
Cling Clang -ng
Skunk and Mink -nk
Rain Is Back ai
What A Day ay
Meet Me On Tree Street ee
Dream Team ea
Coax Or Hoax oa
Sloppy Joes oe
My Shadow ow (snow)
Downtown Crowd ow (plow)
Couch To Mound ou (ouch)
A Day In Class suffix -ed (3 sounds)
Ashley And Charley ey (valley)
Cartoon By Noon oo (food and cook)
In The Wild plurals
Stormy Boris or /or/
Smart Bart ar /ar/
What If er /er/
Deep In The Fir Tree ir /ir/
Hunt To Survive ur /ur/
On The Way To Flagstaff compound words
P.E. Class doubling rule
Foxes suffix -es
Level Three
A Rare Coin oi
Coy Roy oy
Mudpies ie (long i and long e)
A Haunted Trip au
Dawn Can Draw aw
Night Flight igh
Baby Venus open syllables
Sleepyhead Bear ea (short e, long a, and /air/)
Summer Destination tion /shun/
Zombie Invasion sion /shun/, /zhun/
Wilma And Kenya schwa a
A Chance To Dance soft c
Gem Theft soft g
Tasting Freedom e-drop
Level Four
I Stumble Over Words consonant+le
Happiness y rule
The Chew Crew ew
Ceiling Illusion ei long e
Things That Come In Eights eigh
Rescue Shelter ue long u
Zeus eu /oo/
Fruit Juice Truck ui
Level Five
Knight Versus Rhino initial silent letters
Tavern Feast silent medial letters
In A Jam silent final letters
Fun Costume schwa vowels
Staycation ar /er/
Choose An Occupation or /er/
Pearl Heard A Noise ear /er/


Sprouting Seeds: Decodable Poems for Growing Readers in Paperback Format




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