The Crown Is Yours Series – Paperback

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The Crown Is Yours Series – Paperback

By Khalil Munir


Book 1: The Crown is Yours – Wear It With Purpose. This first book is a story of a boy with a learning difference who transforms his anxiety into courage. It is based on a true story.

With the help of an imaginary crown, Malik becomes the king of his own destiny, as he triumphs over his fears of reading out loud and claims the ultimate prize, faith in himself. In this heartwarming tale of discovery, Malik learns that being the king of his own purpose is worth the risk and the crown was his to wear all along.

Book 2: ‘The Crown is Yours – Always.Be.Confident’. In this second installment, in the ‘The Crown is Yours’ series based on a true story, Malik’s journey to a performing arts camp reveals that to respect yourself takes practice.

When faced with a new environment, far from the comfort zone of his neighborhood, Malik must ask for help and sing and dance his way through his doubts. He learns his imaginary crown shines brightest when he stands firm in his authentic self and that no one can take the respect he cultivates from within.

Book 3: ‘The Crown is Yours – Help a Friend.’ In this conclusion of the ‘The Crown is Yours’ trilogy based on a true story, Malik must practice his ABCs at a new school for students with learning differences.

With his invisible crown on his head, he learns the gift of sharing his purpose and power. With self-respect and courage to be true to who he is (and how he learns), this conclusion of Malik’s journey culminates in the sheer joy of passing along newfound skills to others on the path to self-worth and wisdom.

Each book is 32 pages and in full color.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Khalil Munir was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 14. Before his diagnosis, he always looked at himself as “less than” due to societal norms.

“Many think you should learn a certain way or be placed in a certain box. That wasn’t the case for me. I decided to write this book to change the narrative around adversity, disabilities, and life challenges.
I believe representation is also important. I wanted to show little brown boys that they are powerful no matter what their circumstances may be. I want them to be able to stand in their power, knowing that they are worthy and capable! I want this book to be a reminder that the crown is ours. We just have to have the courage to wear it.”

The Crown Is Yours Series – Paperback




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